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Director, Academic Planning


The Academic Planning Unit, Federal University Kashere was established in September, 2012 and is headed by a Director.


To provide a plan that will have adequate facilities and manpower to produce well trained and functional graduates for global service.


To serve as a centre for accurate data reservoir on academic programmes, students and staff for effective decision making.

The objectives

The objectives of the Academic Planning Unit includes among others:

  • To ensure quality in all the degree programmes of the different academic units through regular cross-check with national standards.
  • Also to collate, analyse, and interpret both the incoming data to the University and those within the different units of the university;
  • To pass the information in an advisory manner to the management. It is envisaged that this will eventually guide the management in taking sound decisions that ensure maintenance of high standards.
  • To make projections and advise the University Management on areas of major concern and vigilance.
  • To organize the drafting and review of the University academic brief.
  • To publish University records, statistics, research reports, University System Annual Review Meeting (USARM) reports.
  • To ensure continuous review of curricula for the different degree programmes to accommodate new changes.

The unit will be upgraded to a directorate status and has provision for professional academic plans on its staff list.


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