The Arts and Social Science Education Department was established in the Faculty of Education in 2012. Academic activities started in May, 2013. Since inception, Dr. Umaru Shuaibu has been the Head of Department. The department runs various programmes leading to the award of degree in the different areas of language, arts and social science education. The Department since inception has been in collaborative link with other sister BA Ed. Arts and B.Sc. Ed social science education programmes of Nigerian Universities such as ABU, Zaria: BUK; UNIMAID, etc.


Arts and Social Science Education is a teacher education Programme meant to produce senior secondary school and college teachers who are knowledgeable in the subject matter areas, methodologies and relevant skills needed to succeed in their work.


In line with the above Philosophy, the objective of Arts and Social Science education Programme are to:

  1. Enable students to acquire the various concepts, principle theories laws, concepts and schemes of the subject areas and social science

  2. Enable students to acquire necessary teaching and practical skills and other aspects of methodology of teaching arts and social science subjects.

  3. Help students to become effective classroom teachers

  4. Expose students to practical application of the different subject areas in arts and social science

  5. Acquire the ethics of teaching as a profession

  6. Become professional teachers

  7. Disseminate information on arts and social science to society; and

  8. Develop positive values and attitudes for efficient discharge of their duty as teachers.

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