A brief History of the Department

The Faculty of Education Federal University Kashere was established in 2011, with two departments initially, these are the Department of Science Education and the Department of Educational Foundations, with Dr. Salisu Ali Rakum as the pioneer Head of Department of the later. Virtually a year after its establishment, the department was split into two, that is, the department of Educational Foundations and the Department of Art and Social Science Education.

The department has two undergraduate programmes in the following areas:

  1. B.Ed. Educational Administration and Planning

  2. B.Ed. Guidance and Counseling


Educational Foundation courses to be the basis for producing quality teachers who are internationally competitive and can give the Nigeria nation the desired transformation not only through teaching and learning process but also through research.


To produce highly competent teachers who have sound knowledge of Educational Foundations that can guarantee effective curriculum implementation. Specifically the department intends to;

  1. Produce teachers who can interpret the Nigerian School curriculum and are conversant with the various level of teaching plan.

  2. Produce teachers who are not only conversant with the various teaching methods, techniques strategies and approaches but who can also use them in actual teaching.

  3. Produce teachers who know and can use various instructional materials to aid learning. Who can improve such materials where they are lacking they must also be competent to use educational technologies where available.

  4. Produce teachers who are equipped with sound knowledge of Educational and Educational Administration and Planning.


The philosophy of Educational Administration and Planning are as follows:

  • The acquisition, development and inculcation of the right type of value orientation for the survival of the individual and society.

  • The development of the intellectual, psychomotor, and affective capacity which can trigger the individual to understand and contribute to the development of his environment and to produce highly motivational, conscientious and efficient educational administrators who are well equipped with the appropriate knowledge and skills to adequately confront the challenges prevalent in Nigeria education system.


  1. To help student acquire sound knowledge of education administration and planning that can provide them with the requisite skills of good school management.

  2. To produce student that are effective Educational Planners

  3. To provide students with requisite skills of crisis management.

  4. To provide educational administration who are competent in the organization of human and material resources that are essential for the attainment of educational goals and objectives.

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