A brief History of Science Education Department

The Department of Science Education, Federal University, Kashere in Gombe State was founded in February 2011. The foundational staff at inception were four with Dr. Sofeme R. Jebson as the pioneer Head of Department. Later one academic staff was added making five academic staff for the take-off in 2012/2013 academic session with six programmes. Forty eight students were enrolled for Bachelor Degrees at inception. In 2013/2014 academic session. Agricultural Science Education was added to the existing degrees programmes. Over the years, the department has increased in the students’ population.


The objectives of the Department were derived from the objectives of the University. In this connection, the national curriculum conference of 1969 identified the following specific University objectives:

  1. Take part in the process of national development through the basic faculties of the University.

  2. Develop and transmit the national cultural heritage and blend this with our large work heritage.

  3. Provide intellectual life sustained by an intellectual community.

  4. Develop national consciousness and loyalty to truth and academic honesty.

  5. Provoke and promote an enlightened and informed public opinion.

  6. Coordinate national research under its umbrella.

  7. Become a catalyst for change

  8. Engender a spirit of national and community service

  9. Encourage and develop critical and analytical attitudes.

  10. Foster international relations through scholarship

  11. Pursue the goal of free inquiry after truth

  12. Disseminate the knowledge for the use of humanity.


By end of programmes of study within the department, students will be able to:

  • Discuss the philosophical, sociological and historical foundations of education in general, and those of Nigeria in particular and identify developmental trends in education.

  • Indentify the main trends in curriculum and practice as they concern teaching and learning at secondary school level in particular

  • Apply psychological principles to teaching and learning

  • Relate pedagogical theories to classroom practice in their teaching subject(s)

  • Develop skills in instructional design, prepare, use and evaluate teaching materials

  • Design and carry out appropriate assessment procedures, keeping records and analyzing the results.

  • Select and apply evaluation strategies to classroom teaching in order to improve their practice

  • Design, implement and evaluate small scale research activities.

  • Continue their education at post graduate level.


The department officers the following programmes:

B.Sc. Ed Agricultural Science

B.Sc. Ed Biology

B.Sc. Ed Chemistry

B.Sc. Ed Computer

B.Ed integrated Science

B.sc. Ed Mathematics

B.Sc. Ed Physics

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