The mission of the department of political Science is to educate students to have a sound knowledge of the discipline stemming from teaching, research and service learning, with a critical mind set, requisite ability and skill to understand and analyze the various factors and forces that influence Politics, Power and political power relations within states as primary actors in international politics in the contemporary multi-polar global moment. Our students are trained and educated to respect the diverse worldviews by participating and contributing to global discourse in the contemporary multi-cultural globalised world.


We are out academically to:

– Provide training with a view to educate the students in the field of Political Science principles and how the knowledge gained are ought to be applied in the quest for power and political power relations in the society.

– Intellectually provoke the thought of the students with the view to appreciate various worldviews, social issues and social problems will be understood and build in our students the diverse paradigms of solving such problems.

– Trained students in the field for social and scientific process of inquiry and provide a platform for them to contribute their knowledge to their host community through service learning.

– Build in them the culture of trustworthiness, morality sincerity of purpose and high sense of responsibility, for them to be responsible scholars and leaders of thought.

The Department is headed by Malam Abubakar Mohammed Sambo

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