The department is under the faculty of science, it is meant to offer B.Sc. in courses like chemistry, environmental chemistry, biochemistry, etc, but presently the department offers courses lading to the award of B.Sc. chemistry only. The department staffs. The department also has a total of 21 pioneering students.

The vision and mission of the department is not farfetched from that of the university, i.e to become a world renowned centre of leaning where student are prepared with the knowledge, skills, and disposition that they need in order to serve their community, state, nation, and the world through excellence in teaching, research, and service.

The department therefore has the following as her aims:

  • To stimulate in the student sustained interested and enthusiasm in chemistry and application
  • Build in students a culture of continuing enquiry
  • Prove students with a broad and balanced base of chemical and knowledge and practical skills
  • Develop in students range of skills in chemical and non-chemical areas, tat can provide confidents for employment
  • Provide students with a solid base of chemical knowledge an skills that are required for postgraduate studies and research, and
  • Inculcate in students an application of chemistry in all human endeavours.

In the light of its aims, the mission of the department therefore is to produce students who have sound chemical and non-chemical knowledge to be able to affect their communication, state, the nation and the world positively.

The department is committed to excellence and integrity in all its endeavours.



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