Federal University of Kashere

Federal University of Kashere

Education for global citizenship

Arts & Social Science Education

Dr. Umaru Shuaibu

Head of Department

Mission & Vision:

Mission: Meant to produce Senior Secondary School and College teachers who are knowledgeable in the subject matter areas, methodologies and relevant skills needed to succeed in their work.


  • To enable students acquire necessary teaching and practical skills and aspect of methodology of Art and Social Science subjects.
  • To enable students acquire various concepts, principles and theories law, concepts and scheme of the subject areas in Art and Social Sciences;
  • To help students become effective classroom teachers;
  • To help students acquire the ethics of teaching as a profession;
  • To become professional teachers;
  • To develop positive value and attitude for efficient discharge of their duties as teachers
  • Expose students to practical applications of the different subject areas of Art and Social Science.

Faculty of Education Departments

Department of Arts & Social Science Education: Dr. Umaru Shuaibu

Department of Educational Foundations: Dr. Isaac Adamu Msheliza

Department of Science Education: Dr. Ahmed T. Shittu

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