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Office VC – Federal University of Kashere
Email: info@fukashere.edu.ng

Office VC

Prof. A. M. Gani

Vice Chancellor

Office of the Vice-Chancellor

Brief About the Office

FUK shall have a Vice-Chancellor who shall be the Chief executive and academic officer of the university and shall be the ex-officio Chairman of the Senate. The Council shall select and appoint one candidate from among the three candidates recommended to it as Vice Chancellor following the procedures outlined in the relevant laws and thereafter inform the Visitor. The Vice Chancellor shall be a member of the Council and shall be responsible to it for managing the affairs of the university. The Vice-Chancellor shall hold office for a period of five years and no more, beginning with the effective date of his appointment and on such terms and conditions as may be prescribed in his letter of appointment.

Functions of the Vice-Chancellor

The functions of the Vice-Chancellor of the university shall be:

  1. To advise the Council on any matter affecting the policy, finance and administration of the university;
  2. To be responsible to Council for maintaining the efficiency and good order of the university and for ensuring the proper enforcement of the statutes and regulations;
  3. To be responsible for discipline in the Council at its next meeting and shall thereupon be deemed to be ratified unless the contrary is shown;
  4. To refuse to admit any person as a student where such a person does not meet the standard set by the university;
  5. To act on behalf of the Chancellor at any function at which degrees of the university are conferred;
  6. To be in charge of the execution of all projects and the rehabilitation and maintenance of facilities;
  7. To ensure effective and smooth handling of staff and students unions’ matters and public relations;
  8. To ensure smooth working relationship with the Council, National Universities Commission and the Federal Ministry of Education;
  9. To ensure that student matters are smoothly and orderly managed;
  10. To ensure that the welfare of staff and students is well provided for;
  11. To ensure the effective and faithful implementation of the academic and physical plans of the university;
  12. To ensure the preparation of contract documents based on due process for the approval of Council;
  13. To ensure the preparation of requisite documents for the meetings of the Council;
  14. To explore and exploit all possible sources of revenue for the university in collaboration with the Bursar;
  15. To make provision for accommodation, office space and furnishing, transportation, medical services, and utilities (water, electricity, telecommunications, and recreational facilities), and general maintenance of the university community;
  16. To manage the duties and responsibilities of the university’s principal officers;
  17. To submit for approval or ratification of the Council all staff disciplinary and promotion issues as considered by the relevant committees; and
  18. To update Council on all key actions of university Senate and its committees.

Units Under Vice-Chancellor’s Office

  1. Information and Protocol
  2. Legal
  3. Procurement
  4. SIWES
  5. Catering
  6. Consultancy
  7. School of Postgraduate Studies Click
  8. Remedials and Preliminaries Studies
  9. Security
  10. Entrepreneurship and service learning
  11. University Clinic
  12. Institute of Maritime Studies
  13. Research and Development Click
  14. ICT Click
  15. Servicom
  16. Audit