Faculty of Humanities, Management, and Social Sciences

Prof. Noah Echa Attah


The philosophy of the faculty which emanates from and encapsulates its variegated components is predicated upon the concept of the Total Man. Thus, individually and collectively the programs of the faculty aim at instructing, informing and so educating students towards becoming conscious of and reconciled with, yet mastering the impinging cultural and environmental local and global forces, especially as experienced in the 21st Century.


The mission of the Faculty is to educate students, to equip them with requisite knowledge and skills needed to live life fully in an increasingly globalized but multicultural and multi-identity world of the 21st Century.


1Prof. Noah Echa Attah Dean
2 Dr. Mohammed Mustapha Namadi Deputy Dean
3 Dr. Mohammed Umar Sub-Dean
4 Aisha Babayola PAR (Faculty Officer)
5 Marcus Ayuba Admin Assistant
6 Mohammed Bashir Tahir Senior Confidential Secretary