Department of History and Diplomatic Studies

Prof. Noah Echa Attah
Head of Deparment


To be reckoned with as an epitome and research center for the promotion of knowledge and peace for the advancement of mankind and to enhance harmonious human co-existence.


The mission of the programme is to produce enlightened graduates with high standard of training and capacity to analyze issues of local, national and international significance, and the faculty for critical thinking in applying History to issues of Development and Diplomacy.

Academic staffs

1.Prof. Noah Echa AttahProfessor
2.Dr. Agba Paise TernaSenior Lecturer
3.Dr. I. A OnojaLecturer I
4.Dr. Emmanuel EjorLecturer II
5.David Chapola NggadaLecturer II
6.Faisal MusaLecturer II
7.Idoko Idris AlhajiLecturer II
8.Anloho Teryima AlbertLecturer II
9.Yakubu Samaila MainaLecturer II
10.Aminu Bakari BubaLecturer II
11.Agbo Mathew OgaLecturer II
12.Goyol Yilritmwa IreneLecturer II
10.Usman Mua’zu AlhasanAsst. Lecturer
11.Misbahu SaiduAsst. Lecturer
15.Abdulkadir Aikoye BabaAsst. Lecturer
16.Abuku Solomon MarkAsst. Lecturer
17.Mr. Odoh Nathaniel JohnAsst. Lecturer
18.Adamu Babayo UsmanGraduate Asst.
19.Ahmed Hashimu EnduGraduate Asst.
20.Blessing Bulus AminGraduate Asst.

Administrative Staffs

1Lukman AbubakarCON-SEC I
2Tasi’u Bashir AbubakarCON-SEC I
3Salama HassanAdmin Officer
4Sadiq JaloClerical Officer

Programs offered by the Department