Department of Geography

Dr. Bibi Umar Muhammed
Head of Department

Brief History

The Department of Geography is one of the pioneers established in the Faculty of Humanities, Management and Social Sciences at inception of Federal University, Kashere during the 2011/2012 session along with other departments. The Department of Geography is therefore one of the foundation departments of the university in 2011 when it took off.  It was given the mandate to run the B.Sc Geography degree program. It was initially headed by an overseer, Mall. Ahmad Abdullahi and later, specifically August, 2014, Dr. Adam Modu Abbas was appointed as the first substantive Head of Department.

The first set of the students were admitted into 100 level in the 2011/2012   academic session. During the first session (2011/2012), a total of 20 students were enrolled and the number increased steadily in the subsequent sessions   as shown in Table 1. The number of staff has also increased both in quantity and quality because at inception, the department had only four academic staff with the maximum qualification of MSc degree. It now has a lot of qualified staffs below are the staff list. 

Staff and students relation is friendly and undergraduate run the socially and academically active National Association of Geography Students (NAGS) FUK Chapter.


The Department is guided by the philosophy that well-informed global citizens must have a clear understanding of global human and environmental dynamics in order to derive new ideas for positive change. This philosophy is guided by the idea of maximum spatial interaction.          


Our mission is to train geography students to clearly understand the physical and human environment from a global perspective and also have an in-depth knowledge of the implications of global environmental dynamics on the local environment.


The vision of the programme is aimed at developing and producing well-trained professional Geographers and Environmental managers in the different fields of Geography. Students are trained to become proficient in the field of research and service sectors of the economy. This is achieved through intensive field exercise and laboratory practical.

Academic Staffs

1Dr. Umar Muhammed BibiAssociate Prof.Geography
2Dr. Adam Modu AbbasAssociate Prof.Geography
3Dr. Rayleigh Dada AbuSenior LecturerGeography
4Dr. Saidu IdrisLecturer IGeography
5Dr Johnson Egbemudia DuduLecturer IGeography
6Samaila BubaLecturer IGeography
7Ahmed Abubakar JajereLecturer IGeography
8Haruna Omar AuduLecturer I1Geography
9Dr, Richard Sunday ThlakmaLecturer 11Geography
10Dr. Ahmad AbdullahiLecturer IIGeography
11Bashir Ayeni SakaLecturer IIGeography
12 Abubakar AbdullahiLecturer IIGeography
13Okosun Satur ObohLecturer IIGeography
14 Ali AbduLecturer IIGeography
15 Jennifer H. Hunleyedi (Mrs)Lecturer IIGeography
16Rabiu Bala  HashiduLecturer IIGeography
17Adamu Aminu BaraAssistant LecturerGeography
18 Umar Yusuf AbdullahiAssistant LecturerGeography
19 Mu’azu Audu ZanuwaAssistant LecturerGeography
20 Salau  WahabAssistant LecturerGeography
21Godwin SonguAssistant LecturerGeography
22 Dantata  DanlamiAssistant LecturerGeography
23 Emmanuel Efobe NdomaAssistant  LecturerGeography
24 Mashkurah Usman Ahmed (Mrs)Assistant LecturerGeography
25Adamu Muhammad KamaludeenAssistant LecturerGeography
26Garba Muhammad BandiAssistant LecturerGeography
27Faruk Ibrahim  GayaAssistant LecturerGeography
28 Molwus Nenpanmun  Temwa (Mrs)Assistant LecturerGeography
29Saidu Badamasi JamdaAssistant LecturerGeography
30Dalibi Jamilu  HarunaAssistant LecturerGeography
31Mahmud MohammedAssistant LecturerGeography
32 Sadiq BappahGraduate Asst.Geography
33Yahaya Bako SadeGraduate AssistantGeography
34Mr. Zahraddeen Ubali BabaGraduate AssistantGeography
35Mr. Ali HussainiGraduate AssistantGeography
36 Fa’iza Mahdi Doho (Miss)Graduate AssistantGeography
37Musa Isa MuhammadGraduate AssistantGeography
38Abubakar Yusuf KwacheGraduate AssistantGeography
39Saifullahi Muhammad Nata’alaGraduate AssistantGeography
40Ishaku IbrahimGraduate AssistantGeography
41Abdulhakeem Bilyaminu AjayiGraduate AssistantGeography
42Nasir Mustapha HarunaGraduate AssistantGeography
43Hassan  Ibrahim DaudaGraduate AssistantGeography
44Hammed Fatiat Temitope (Miss)Graduate AssistantGeography
45Hadiza Nuhu (Miss)Graduate AssistantGeography
46Tanko KawuGraduate AssistantGeography
47Aminu M. Isa Graduate Assistant Geography


NAME RANK Department
1Lawal Isiaku YahayaSnr.TechnologistGeography
2Fatima TanimuTechnologist IGeography
3Ahmad Umar AliTechnologist IIGeography
4Aminu MuhammadTechnologist IIGeography
5Ismail Hassan AbdullahiTechnologist IIGeography
6Yusuf CatherineTechnologist IIGeography
7Bakos MobishiTechnologist IIGeography

Administrative Staffs

S/N NAME RANK Department
1Fatima AbdullahiPrin. Confidential SecretaryGeography
2Elemi Joseph EduAdministration OfficerGeography
3Mal Yahaya GidadoAdministration OfficerGeography
4Makaranta M.B. TogorAdministration Officer.Geography
5Aliyu Umar Ya’uAdmin AsstGeography
6Rita EzraAdmin AsstGeography
7Mal Mohammed BelloSnr. Clerical OfficerGeography
8Mal Mohammed Supham IshakaClerical AssistantGeography


NAME RANK Department
1Mr. Kabul IbrahimTechnicianGeography

Program offered by the Department