Department of Mathematics and Computer Science

Dr. Asabe Ibrahim
Head of Department

Brief History

The Department of Mathematics and Computer Science enjoyed the historical privilege of being the one of the foundation Department of the Federal University of Kashereeestablished in August 2012 with two programmes (B.Sc. Computer Science and B. Sc. Mathematics) under the leadership of Mr. Yusuf Simon Enoch as the Ag. Head of Department. The programmes took up with seven (7) permanent academic staff (3 in Mathematics and 4 in Computer Science) and twenty four (24) students (7 in Mathematics and 17 in Computer Science) in 2011/2012 Academic Session. Today the Department has a total number of two hundred and ninety six (296) students as per 2017/2018 Academic Session. Also since then, staff were added to improve the staff strength and quality of the programmes. At the moment the Department has a total number of thirty eight (38) academic staff (14-on study fellowship and 25 on ground) excluding visiting lectures, four (4) administrative staff and two (2) laboratory staff.  Dr. P. B. Zirra took over as the Head of Department from November, 2014 to August, 2018. Currently, Dr. Asabe Ibrahim is the Head of Department from 1st September, 2018 to date.


B. Sc. Computer Science Programme

To reinforce, extend, and diversify our strengths in interdisciplinary innovation and collaboration while striving to become recognized for addressing critical, scientifically important problems through education and research in Computer Science.

B. Sc. Mathematics Programme

The Department of Mathematics aspires to be globally recognized as a centre of excellence for interdisciplinary research and teaching. The Programme will promote a comprehensive, innovative and dynamic learning environment that meets the changing needs of student population.


B. Sc. Computer Science Programme

The Computer Science Programme of Mathematics and Computer Science Department strives for excellence in creating, applying and imparting knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering through comprehensive educational programs, research in collaboration with industry and government, dissemination through scholarly publications, and service to professional societies, the communities and the world at large.

B. Sc. Mathematics Programme

The Programme mission is to provide students with rigorous training that enables them to develop reasoning and analytical skills and pursue graduate degrees for service to the communities and the world at large.

Academic Staffs


NameRank Area of Specialization
1 Dr. Asabe Ibrahim Snr. Lect. Statistics (Population and Demography)
2 Dr. Joel John Taura Lect. I Mathematics (Space Dynamic)
3 Dr. Oyewola David Opeoluwa Lect. II Mathematics
4 Dr. TerrangAbubakar Umar Lect. II Mathematics
5 Mohammed Bello Lect. I Mathematics
6 AbdulmuhiminAbiolaSanusi Lect. I Statistics
7 Mohammed Bappah Mohammed Lect. II Statistics
8 Babayo Mohammed Abullahi Lect. II. Mathematics
9 AuwalAbdullahi Asst. Lec. Mathematics
10 Ibrahim SurajoIsah Asst. Lec. Mathematics
11 Adamu Mustapha Umar  Asst. Lec. Mathematics
12 AlechenuBenard AsstLec Mathematics
13 Ibrahim Isa Abubakar AsstLec Statistics
14 YakubuSalihuYakubu Grad. Asst. Mathematics
15 GukatGumarBitrus. Grad. Asst. Mathematics
16 HamzaAbdullahi Grad. Asst Mathematics
17 Pokalas, Paiyun-Dayi Tal Grad. Asst. Mathematics
18 Ahmed DanhausaAzi Grad. Asst. Mathematics
19 Mahmud ShamsudeenMuhammed Grad. Asst. Mathematics
20 Iliya Patience Bwanu Grad. Asst. Mathematics

Computer Science

NameRankArea of Specialization
1 DR. P. B. Zirra Reader Computer Science (Cryptography and Data Compression)
2 Yusuf Simon Enoch Lec II Computer Science
3 YakubuAtomsa Lec.  I Computer Science
4 AbdulganiyuNuraini Lect. II Computer Science (Software Engineering)
5 Faisal Suleiman Ishaq Lect. II Computer Engineering
6 Mohammed LawanJibril Lect. II Computer Science
7 YahayaBalaZakariyau Lect. II Computer Science
8 UsmanAbubakarJauro Asst. Lec. Information Technology
9 AlhassanJamilu Ibrahim Asst. Lec. Computer Science (Information Security)
10 Mohammed Mansur Ibrahim Asst. Lec. Computer Science
11 MuhammedBesiruJibrin Asst. Lect. Computer Science
12 Muhammad Nurudeen Baba Grad.Asst. Computer Science
13 NuhuAbdulalim Muhammad Grad. Asst Computer Science
14 Aishatu M.B Ahmad Grad.Asst Computer Science
15 Buhari Isa Sambo Grad.Asst. Computer Science
16 Sirajo Muhammad Dalhatu Grad.Asst. Computer Science
17 Abdul-Malik Umar Grad.Asst. Information and Communication Technology
18 Khalid JibrinSani Grad.Asst. Computer Science
19 Sa’adatu Ali Jiji Grad. Asst Computer Science
20 Abdullahi Sani Dauda Grad. Asst. Computer Science
21 Jeremiah Isuwa Grad. Asst, Computer Science

Administrative Staff

1. Bunu Musa Asst. Chief Computer Operator
2. Sule A. Uba Clerical Assistant
3 Abdurrahman Tijjani Admin Assistant
4 DaudaAbubakar Admin Assistant


1 Mohammed AdamuMangadu Sci. Lab.Asst. I
2 ImranaAbdulmumini Snr. Computer Operator

Programmes Offered by the Department

  • B. Sc. Mathematics
  • B. Sc. Computer Science
  • B. Sc. Statistics