Department of Soil Science

Dr M. S. Askira
Head Of Department

Brief History

The Department is one of the four pioneer Departments established in the faculty of agriculture in 2012. The Department is charged with the responsibility of Teaching and Research. The Department runs a five year degree program. The graduate is expected to have a good knowledge in Soil Assessment and Management that will enable him to be self employed and productive in agricultural sector. In addition, the department carries out research to improve soil productivity, through fertility evaluation, crop residue and water management, microbial and microbial influence on soil, acidity and salinity management, and soil remediation practices.


Our Mission is to expose the students to the best skills through teaching and practical Sessions so that they can compete with their counterparts in labour market worldwide. 


The vision of the department is to develop the students with sound knowledge of modern techniques of improving land use for increased agricultural output.

Aims and Objectives

The objectives of the department is to produce graduate that are sufficiently and technically productive with entrepreneurial skills, who will be involved in production, research and entrepreneurship venture in any aspect of agriculture and other related disciplines.

Academic staff

1 Dr. M. S. Askira   Associate Prof.
2 Prof B.H Usman Professor
3 Prof N.Voncir Professor
4 Prof Y. Haliru Professor
5 Prof. A.I Zata Professor
6 Dr. A. Ibrahim Senior Lecturer
7 Dr. H. Musa Senior Lecturer
8 Dr. A.M Tahir Senior Lecturer
9 Dr. A.K Ibrahim  Lecturer II
10 Mr. A. Salim Assistant Lecturer
11 Mr. D. Audu Assistant Lecturer
12 Mr. D.K Ndeari Assistant Lecturer
13 Mr.Umar Saleh Graduate Assistant
14 Abbas A. Abbas Graduate Assistant

Administrative staff

1 Muhd B. Tumu Admin Officer
2 Ismail S. Musa Confidential Sec I
3 Nasiru Aliyu Asst. Chief Clerical Officer

Technologist Lab

1 Samuel K. Jolly LAB Technologist II
2 Mohd T. Adam Asst. LAB Technologist

Technologist Farm

1 Abbas L. Shehu Technologist II

Programs Offered by  Soil science

  • B. Agriculture (Soil Science)