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Academic Planning Unit

Dr. Umar Mohammed


Brief History of the Unit

The Academic Planning Unit of the Federal University of Kashere was established in September, 2012 with Prof. S.L. Kela as the pioneer Director. The unit is charged with the responsibility of harmonizing and organizing academic policies of the University in an advisory capacity to the Vice-Chancellor and other units of the university. In September, 2016, Professor Abdulkarim Ishaq was appointed as Acting Director. In June, 2017, Dr. Umar Gurama was appointed as the third Director. In November, 2018 Dr. Muhammad Namadi was appointed as the fourth Director and Dr. Umar Mohammed was appointed on the 12th  December 2020 as the fifth and current Director.


The Philosophy of the Unit To provide a plan that will have adequate facilities and manpower to produce well trained and functional graduates for global service.derives its mandate from the general Philosophy of the University, the adopted University Master Plan, NUC Standard and professional ethics.


To serve as an accurate data reservoir on academic programmes, students’ and staff for effective decision making.

Services offered by the Unit

The services offered by the Academic Planning Unit are:

  • To annually update, analyze and project population data for planning and preparation of the University’s recurrent budget and resource allocation based on the approved budget of the University;
  • To assist in the development of new guidelines and criteria and review of existing ones;
  • To collect data on trends in University activities such as enrolments, staffing, staff training, graduate output etc and make such data available for research;
  • To collect, analyze and interpret relevant data from all the units of the University;
  • To prepare academic programmes for NUC accreditation by carrying out Mock accreditation exercises;
  • To document and store information on all academic programmes of the University;
  • To ensure that the University complies with and maintains Minimum Academic Standards;
  • To make projections and advise the Vice-Chancellor on areas of major concern and vigilance;
  • To participate in curriculum review activities and ensure compliance with guidelines and procedures for the establishment of new programmes;
  • To provide data backed information on academic operations of the University;
  • To publish University records, statistics, research reports etc;
  • To regularly update and evaluate data from relevant University units to analyze the performance of the University;
  • To monitor Lectures and examinations to ensure smooth conduct of academic activities.
Staff of the Academic Planning Unit
1Dr Umar MohammedDirector
2Chabiya D. TerrangSPO
3John Pindar BanuSPO
4Adama GuramaPlanning Officer I
5Abdulrahman Ibrahim El-Yakub Planning Officer I
6Garba IshiyakuPlanning Officer I
7Ahmed Jibrin BalaPlanning Officer I
8Abdulkadir IbrahimPlanning Officer II
9Alhaji WaziriPlanning Officer II
10Ibrahim Lawan TukurPlanning Officer II
11Mohammed Umar ZalliPlanning Officer II
12arida Haruna MohammedPlanning Officer II
13Oseni KazeemPlanning Officer II
14Mohammed Hadi AdamuPlanning Officer II
15Jonah Lamanto IshayaPlanning Officer II
16Milami Iliya D.Planning Officer II
17Dauda BulusPlanning Officer II
18Hussaini Dadum HamzaPlanning Officer II
19Hauwa Mohammed A.Planning Officer II
20Abubakar Ali MohammedAdmin. Ass.
21Abdulrashid Ibrahim MusaAdmin. Ass.
22Mansur Musa HassanAdmin. Ass.
23Simon Mathew AdamuConfidential Secretary
24Mohammed Salisu DomaClerk
25Kabiru ShehuClerk
26Mansur MohammedClerk