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Computer Science

Prof. Peter B. Zirra

Head of Department




B Sc. Computer Science Programme

To reinforce, extend, and diversify our strengths in interdisciplinary innovation and collaboration while striving to become recognized for addressing critical, scientifically important problems through education and research in Computer Science.


B Sc. Computer Science Programme

The Computer Science Programme of Mathematics and Computer Science Department strives for excellence in creating, applying and imparting knowledge in Computer Science and Engineering through comprehensive educational programs, research in collaboration with industry and government, dissemination through scholarly publications, and service to professional societies, the communities and the world at large.

Aims & Objectives:

B Sc. Computer Science Programme

The aim of this programme is to produce highly quality Computer Science graduates with the range of knowledge and skills to be able to impact positively and provide solutions to problems in various fields of Human endeavour locally and internationally. The specification objectives are:

  1. To provide a broad and balanced foundation in Computer Science knowledge and practical skills.
  2. To prepare students for further graduate studies in the field of Computer Science.
  3. To reinforce, extend, and diversify students’ strengths in interdisciplinary innovation and collaboration.
  4. To produce graduates with the ability and expertise to conduct and lead research in all aspect of Computer Science which will be in turn beneficial to the economic, social and scientific needs of people
  5. To provide quality undergraduate and graduate education in both the theoretical and practical aspect of Engineering, Electronics, Information theory, Logic, human behaviour and train students to effectively apply this education to solve real-world problems thus amplifying their potential for lifelong high-quality careers.
  6. To develop and offer dynamic programs in Computer Science that will prepare students to be self-reliant and job creators.
  7. To produce Computer Science graduates that will compete favourably with their contemporaries in the labour market and the worlds at large.

Students' Handbook

BSc_Computer_Science Handbook 2019_2023

Old Students’ Handbook 2015

Faculty of Science

Department of Biological Sciences: Dr. Abdullateef Akintunde Raji

Department of Chemical Sciences: Dr. (Mrs.) Aishatu H.  Santuraki

Department of Computer Science: Dr.

Department of Mathematics and Statistics: Dr. (Mrs) Asabe Ibrahim

Department of Physics: Dr. Bello Rasaq