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Research and Development Directorate

Prof. Levi Nwankwo

Research and Development

Brief History

Research and Development Office in Federal University Kashere was established under the Office of Vice-Chancellor on 1st September, 2014, with Professor S.M.Sir a Professor with the department of Animal Science, Faculty of Agriculture as the pioneer Director.

The Office is tasked with the following functions;

Due to constraints of office space in the University, the office operated, in the office of HOD, Animal Science from inception up to 2016 from where its moved to its present office at House No 4 University Senior Staff Quarters before relocated to New Building after Institute of Maritime studies.


Research and development Unit is responsible for investigative activities the University choose to conduct with the intention of making discovery that can lead to the development of new product or procedure.

Research and development is one of the means by which the University, can experience future growth through development of new products or processes to improve and expand its operations

Aim And Objective

  • Developed the Research policy of the University in line with its Vision and Mission.
  • Collaborate with other Institutions and Research consortia (MDA’s, NGO’s Industries etc.) in and outside Nigeria.
  • Patent of University Research Findings.
  • Seek grants from funding agencies.
  • Coordinate Research groups for funding.
  • Screen and allocated Research grant requests.
  • Publication of the University Research findings.
  • Conduct in-house training for staff and students.


Research and development Unit seek to be responsible for developing and supporting research capacity performance and activity in line with the Federal University of Kashere vision and mission.


The mission of the Unit is to be committed in fostering an environment where research and creative activity thrive through research and professional development, quality assurance, based on international standard.

1Prof. Levi NwankwoDirector
2Miss. Ruth BabaAdmin Officer
3Mr. Abdulkadr HarunaAdmin Assistant
4Mr. Musa Abba AbdullahiConfidential Secretary
5Mrs. Roselyn JesseAdmin Assistant
6Mrs. Uwani AhmadClerical Officer


  1. The office conducts seminars to Academic staff in the following:
  • Research grants proposal and application “strategies.”
  • Strategic grant proposal and funding process.
  1. The Unit has turned its practices around and is presently into vetting of submissions of Research Proposals for funding using a formidable committee structure carefully constituted to add value to the submission. Also the committee is scrutinizing publication to be funded by the University.
  2. The Unit through research and publication committee have received approval for funding of five research proposal from tertiary education trust fund (TETFUND) November, 2016 where a technical section has organized for beneficiaries.
  3. The Unit has embarked on collection of publications by staff of the University, in order to create a portal where research done by the university staff can be posted so as to enhance the ranking of the university, in Nigeria and across the globe.

Overall Achievement

The Unit in collaboration with the Research and Publications Committee was able to achieve the following in 2017.

  • The Presentation of first set of IBR proposals to University Community by the 5 TETFund Laureate 2016.
  • Seminar Presentations by the Beneficiaries of TETFund/University Sponsorship to the University Community.
  • Progress report by the first set of IBR approved Proposals beneficiaries.
  • Secured approval of 12 IBR proposals out of the 13 forwarded to TETFund as the second set by IBR.
  • Submission of 15 IBR proposals to TETFund awaiting approval as the third set of IBR.
  • One Manuscript/Book development was forwarded to TETFund and awaiting approval.
  • Submission of publications presented at National and International Conferences to ICT for upload to the University website.

Challenges in 2017

  • Communication gap between Research and Development Unit and TetFund Desk Office.
  • No financing of Seminar Presentations
  • Little or no refreshment/Lunch during Research and Publication Committee meetings considering long hours of deliberations.
  • The budgetary allocation for the Unit to be able to carry out its statutory functions is grossly inadequate.
  • The office need to be provided with a car for effective functioning.
  • The office needs a research associate a deputy director, preferably a PhD Holders who would be assisting the Director in effectively discharging the mandate of the office.
  • Clerical Officer for the Unit is required