Federal University of Kashere

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Works Directorate

Bldr Dikko Abubakar (MNIOB)


Brief History

The Department is another arm of the Office of the Vice-Chancellor which is responsible for the works and maintenance of the university facilities.


The Philosophy of the Unit derives its mandate from the general Philosophy of the University, the adopted University Master Plan, NUC Standard and professional ethics.

Aim And Objective

The Primary aim of the Works and Physical Planning Department is to Co-ordinate the Physical development of the University and directly responsible to the Vice-Chancellor for the performance of the following objectives amongst others:

  • Responsibility in vital areas of Physical development for correlation of accommodation briefs with Physical briefs as well as preparation of data for other donor agencies;
  • Responsibility for providing the briefs on all new projects;
  • Ensuring that all design submitted by the Consultants/Contractors confirm to the NUC guidelines, user requirements and in line with the University master Plan;
  • To provide classes, Lecture Theatres and Laboratories equipped with relevant chemical and up to date (Modern) equipment for practical and research commensurate with Student growth;
  • To provide road network linking various Units and Segments of the University in accordance with the Master Plan.
  • Responsible for contract administration of all awarded projects i.e. includes management Evaluation Monitoring and preparation of progress of works.
  • Preparation of interim valuation certificates and making recommendation for payments.
  • Responsible for checking and making recommendations to the University Management on all claims of variations additions or omissions.
1Bldr. Abubakar DikkoDirector, Works & Maintenance Dept.Yobe
2Niyim Bedan WaniyaS. EST. OfficerGombe
3Hamza UsmanH.T.OGombe
4Jabir AbdullahiQS IIGombe
5Aishat Abba SalehH.T.ONiger
6Adamu Abdullahi Muh'dP.T.OGombe
7Ahmed U HammariS.T.OGombe
8Ibrahim Garba SafiyanP.T.OPlateau
9Hamza UsmanS.T.O Gombe
10Suleiman AbduH.T.OGombe
11Nasiru MuhammedBuild Off IIGombe
12Bamaiyi L SuphamH.T.O ArchPlateau
13Samson Manyum BardeH.T.O CivilBauchi
14Umar Moh'd SuleimanT.O MechGombe
15Ibrahim A JibrilS.E.E ElectKano
16Turu Lydia MusaP.C.S IIKaduna
17Sani Muhammed YahayaAdmin OfficerGombe
18Mohammed BubaAdmin Asst.Gombe
19Chakman NanfaAdmin Asst.Plateau
20Hammadikko IbrahimC. EngrAdamawa
21Ahmad Aliyu IsyakaEngr. IIJigawa
22Bappah Muhammad BabangidaP. EngrGombe
23 Bala AbdullahiEngr IGombe
24Lawan ShettimaEngr IBorno
25Baba HamzaHTOGombe
26Liman Umar MuhammadHTO Build.Nasarawa
27ESV. Sani MusajoPTO IIGombe
28Haruna AbdulwahabEST. Off. IIGombe
29Nuru AhmaduEST. Off. IIBauchi
30Ibrahim Moh`dChief DriverGombe
31Shuaibu A. WadeChief DriverGombe
32Garba GojeChief Driver Gombe
33Habu AliChief Driver Gombe
34Muhammad BuhariT.O MechKano
35Abdullahi AbubakarHTOGombe
36Abdullahi YakubuHTO ElectGombe
37Adamu Yasir MohammedPTO ElectBauchi
38Alkali SaiduHTO MECFGombe
39Mohammed Manu MalalaSnr. Artisan PlumberGombe
40Adamu Moh'd GorofiSnr. Artisan PlumberGombe
41Nuhu Saminu LaufunEstate OfficerGombe
42Ibrahim GarbaHTOGombe
43Aliyu SalehHTOGombe
44Ahmed Ibrahim PindigaHTOYobe
45Kawuwa WaziriHTOGombe
46Abubakar Abdullahi IsaHTOGombe
47Ndomi Dauda YerimaHTO BuildingGombe
48Musa MohammedHTOGombe
49Jimoh Semina AkinlaraHTOOsun
50Dimbo Amariah AbelHTOGombe
51Saddik GidadoCO Gombe
52Adamu LawanConf. Secretary III Gombe
53Gambo Sani UmarAEO Admin Bauchi
54Abdullahi Sani AdamSCO Gombe
55Hassan Abubakar AdamuSCOGombe
56Yusuf IbrahimCOGombe
57Abbas Ahmed BuhariAEO AuditTaraba
58Suleiman MahdiACOGombe
59Abdullahi Hassan UmarDriver Kano
60Abdulbasid MohammedDriver Gombe
61Musa Saidu KumoDriver Gombe
62Umar MuhammadDriver Plateau
63Isa HassanDriver Gombe
64Safiyanu Muh`dDriver Gombe
65Dantala YusufDriver Gombe
66Adamu BelloDriver Gombe
67Baba MalutaDriver Gombe
68Adamu Yaka GaladimaDriver Plateau
69Hamisu GarbaDriver Gombe
70Nasiru UmarDriver Gombe
71Dauda UmarDriver Gombe
72Idris Moh'dDriver Gombe
73Adamu YahayaDriver Gombe
74Sani BelloDriver Gombe
75Abdullahi Lamido Dan'asabeDriver Gombe
76Isa HassanDriver Gombe
77Aminu Saidu SalisuDriver Kano
78Musa GidadoDriver Gombe
79Umar MuhammadDriver  Plateau
80Kabiru Baba YunusaDriver Gombe
81Abdul-Kareem IsaDriverBauchi
82Ibrahim SaiduDriver Gombe
83Sani IbrahimDriver Gombe
84Babayo UmarDriverGombe
85Hassan MusaDriver Gombe
86Ali A GimbaDriver Gombe
87Usman AbubakarDriver Gombe
88Abbas Ya'addaDriverGombe
89Ahmad Muh'dArtisan Elect.Gombe
90Aminu Muh'dArtisan Elect. Gombe
91Haruna HammanArtisan Elect.Gombe
92Muhammed Sintali AlhajiArtisan Elect.Gombe
93Ahmed BafetoArtisan Elect.Gombe
94Kasimu SamboArtisan Elect.Gombe
95Ibrahim KabiruArtisan Elect.Gombe
96Alhamdu Yakubu JarmaiArtisan Elect. Gombe
97Buhari I DutseArtisan Elect.Plateau
98Gambo AbdullahiArtisan Elect.
99Gambo HabilaSupervisor Fire ServiceNasarawa
100Dalhatu A. SarkintashiAsst. Supervisor Fire ServicePlateau
101Kabiru IsaAsst. Fire ServicePlateau
102Joseph JeremiahFire ServiceGombe
103Joshua WudaFire ServiceGombe
104Salome BitrusFire ServiceGombe
105Auwal A. SardaunaFire ServiceGombe
106Adamu AhmaduFire ServiceGombe
107Hezekiah UsmanFire ServiceGombe
108Abdulhamid HusseiniFire Service Yobe
109Burga Saidu KabiruFire ServicePlateau
110Ismail Adamu DomaEst. Mgt.Bauchi
111Abdullahi Ismail SamanaEst. Mgt.Bauchi
112Garba Shehu IbrahimArtisan PlumberGombe
113Abubakar Moh`d MadakiArtisan PlumberGombe
114Aliyu Abdullahi AbubakarArtisan PlumberGombe
115Aliyu Adamu TurakiArtisan MechanicGombe
116Ibrahim A UmarArtisan MechanicGombe
117Silas IliyaArtisan MechanicGombe
119Gambo AdamuT.OYobe
120Umar Bongo MohammedArtisan CarpenterGombe
121Sabiu Ibrahim BuguzukArtisan CarpenterPlateau
122Haruna Moh`d DikkoArtisan CarpenterYobe
123Yahaya Moh`d AbubakarArtisan BuilderGombe
124Khalid SuleimanArtisan BuilderBauchi
125Philibus YohannaArtisanGombe
126Garba Haruna MaisoyiArtisan Plateau
127Yusuf MohammedArtisan Gombe
128Usman Ibrahim AbubakarArtisanGombe
129Birni Ibrahim GarbaArtisan WelderPlateau
130Yusuf Sanusi SangArtisan WelderPlateau
131Sambo AbdullahiArtisan WelderGombe
132Mamman Shuaibu MusaOperatorKano
133Wilbur BasiriOperator Adamawa
134Bawada Abdullahi OperatorGombe