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Governing Council


Governing Council


FUK shall have a Council, which shall be the governing body of the university and shall be charged with the general control and superintendence of the policy, finances and property of the university, including its public relations. The Council shall ensure that proper accounts of the university are kept and that the accounts of the university are audited annually by auditors appointed by the Council from the list and in accordance with guidelines supplied by the Auditor-General of the federation, and that an annual report is published by the university together with certified copies of the said accounts as audited. The Council shall have a tenure of four years from the date of its inauguration provided that where a Council is found incompetent and corrupt it shall be dissolved by the Visitor and a new Council shall be immediately constituted for the effective functioning of the university. Membership of the university’s Council shall be as provided in the university law as follows:
1. Pro-Chancellor – Chairman
2. Vice-Chancellor
3. Deputy Vice-Chancellor
4. One person from the Federal Ministry responsible for education;
5. Four persons representing a variety of interests and broadly representative of the whole federation to be appointed by the Federal Executive Council;
6. Four persons appointed by Senate from among its members;
7. Two persons appointed by Congregation from among its members; and
8. One person appointed by Convocation from among its members.

Constitution of the 1st Governing Council

The first Governing Council of the University was inaugurated on Tuesday, 5th May, 2015 at the National Universities Commission (NUC) auditorium, Abuja, where His Excellency, Otunba Gbenga Daniel was appointed the Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Council with the composition:

List of 1st University Governing Council

The first Governing Council operated from 5th May, 2015 to 15th February, 2016.

1H.E. Otunba Gbenga Daniel (Pro-Chancellor)Chairman
2Prof. M.K Farouk (Vice Chancellor)Member
3Hajiya M.F. Dankaka (External Member)Member
4Mrs. R. Oba (External Member)Member
5Chief I. Asogwa (External Council Member)Member
6Prof. Saleh Abdu (Senate Representative on Council)Member
7Dr. M.S. Saidu (Senate Representative on Council)Member
8Dr. M.B. Abdullahi (Senate Representative on Council)Member
9Dr. Umar Shuaibu (Senate Representative on Council)Member
10Dr. Demian Tersoo Anyam (External Council Member)Member
11Dr. Y.I. Yero (Congregation Representative on Council)Member
12Mr. Umar Farouk Bayu (Congregation Representative on Council)
13Dr. A.A. Bafeto (Registrar)Secretary

2nd University Governing Council

The second Governing Council was inaugurated on 1st March, 2016 at Idris Abdulkadir Auditorium, National Universities Commission (NUC), Abuja, where His Excellency, Alhaji Garba Gadi was appointed Pro-Chancellor and Chairman of the Governing Council.

The Membership composition of the Governing Council and its committees are as follows:

1H.E. Alh. G. M. Gadi (Pro-Chancellor & Chairman of Council)Chairman
2Prof. A.M. Gani (Vice Chancellor)Member
3Prof. I.L. Bashi (External Council Member)Member
4Dr. W. Adegbenro (External Council Member)Member
5Engr. (Mrs.) A. Obi (External Council Member)Member
6Dr. Demian Tersoo Anyam (External Council Member)Member
7Dr. I. Elizabeth (Rep. of Federal Ministry of Education)Member
8Dr. S.M. Sir (Senate Representative on Council)Member
9Dr. Umar Shuaibu (Senate Representative on Council )Member
10Dr. Dahiru Musa (Senate Representative on Council)Member
11Dr. Yau Adamu (Congregation Representative on Council)Member
12Mr. Muazu Mohammed (Congregation Representative on Council)Member
13Alh.  Kabiru Garba Aminu (Registrar)Secretary

3rd University Governing Council

The Membership composition of the Governing Council and its committees are as follows:

1Barr. Yakubu A. H. RubaPro-Chancellor & Chairman, Council
2Prof. Umaru Alhaji PateVice-Chancellor
3Prof. Ibrahim L. BashirExternal Member
4Mr. Zailani AhmedExternal Member
5Engr. Olanitori O. OlaniyiExternal Member
6Mrs. C. EneregbuExternal Member
7Mrs. Edith OsanyinpejuRepresentative of (FME)
8Dr. Musa DahiruMember Representing Senate
9Dr. E. F. PanwalMember Representing Senate
10Dr. Ibrahim Y. WuntiMember Representing Senate
11Dr. Umar MohammedMember Representing Senate
12Dr. Yusuf M. HammawaMember Representing Congregation
13Muazu MohammedMember Representing Congregation
14Alh. Kabiru Garba AminuRegistrar/Secretary