Federal University of Kashere

Federal University of Kashere

Education for global citizenship


Prof. Adam Adebayo Sirajudeen

Head of Department


As part of the liberal arts, the mission of the Languages department is to: “prepare graduates who creatively address the challenges of the world through the vehicle of language.” Specifically, the mission emphasizes critical thinking about language and language use, problem solving through language, and expressing ideas clearly and concisely in speaking and writing in order to achieve adequate self-expression and self-actualization in language. We encourage students to develop a global perspective and an appreciation and tolerance for a more diverse society vital for living in an increasingly interdependent world.


As a languages department, our vision of language study is encompassed by the following beliefs:

  1. We believe that language study refers to self-discovery, understanding one’s natural and social worlds, and taking informed action in a globalized society.
  2. We define a linguist/literary artist as any individual engaging in conceptual change, and teaching as an intellectual activity.

Faculty of Humanities, Management and Social Sciences Departments

Department of Accounting and Business Administration: Prof. Shehu Usman Hassan

Department of Economics and Developmental Studies: Dr. Mohammed Inuwa Dauda

Department of Geography: Dr. Bibi Umar Muhammed

Department of History and Diplomatic Studies: Prof. Noah Echa Attah

Department of Languages: Prof. Adam Adebayo Sirajudeen

Department of Political Science: Dr Ahmed Wali Doho

Department of Religious Studies: Dr. Yakubu Tahir Maigari

Department of Sociology: Dr. Mohammed Mustapha Namadi