Department of Agricultural Economics and Extension

Dr Ya’u Adamu
Head of Department


The philosophy of the department is to train graduates that are adequately equipped with knowledge and practical skills in areas of Agricultural Economics for high level manpower to pursue careers in academics and research for the nation and global community.


To encourage and expose our graduate switch knowledge of preparing formal and non-formal education for better decision making in agricultural production of today’s diverse and challenging economy through teaching, research and community service.


To produce technically competent graduates by exposing them to economic analysis in making decisions involving agriculture, agribusiness, natural resources and environment through teaching and research, there by offering them the opportunity to be global competitors in the economy.

Academic Staff

1 Prof. I. Mohammed Professor Agricultural Marketing &QuantitativeMethods
2. Dr. Y. Adamu Senior Lecturer Farm Mgt. & Production Economics
3. Dr. E.F. Panwal Senior Lecturer Farm Management and Agric. Development & Policy
4. Dr. S. U. Biye Lecturer I Production Economics
5. Dr. K. Hamidu Lecturer II Agricultural Marketing
6. Mr. M. S. Yidi Lecturer II Agricultural Marketing
7. Jibo, Ibrahim Mohammed Asst. Lec. Agricultural Marketing
8. Hassan, Abdullahi Asst. Lec Agricultural Marketing
9. Musa, Abdullahi Asst. Lec Agricultural Extension
11. Muhammad, El-Hafeez Ahmad Asst. Lec Agricultural Marketing
12. Iroegbute, Uchendu Kelvin Asst. Lec Agricultural Marketing  and Value Chain
13 Akeweta, JimwaeNwuniji Asst. Lec Agricultural Extension
14 Saleh, Abdullahi Asst. Lec Agricultural Marketing
15 Hassan, Abdullahi Asst. Lec Agricultural Production  &Marketing
16 LawanShirama Asst. Lec Agricultural Extension 
17 James Nandi Asu Asst. Lec Production & Resource Economics
18 HabuSule Asst. Lec   Agricultural Production & Resource Economics
19. BakoBulusDanladi Asst. Lec Agricultural Marketing
20. SadiqTarki Tal Asst. Lec Agricultural  Production Economics
21. Tata LibnahAlgaita Asst. Lec Agricultural Extension
22. Cosmos Wilfred Grad. Asst. Agricultural  Economics and Extension
23. Zainab Mary Bukola Grad. Asst. Agricultural  Economics and Extension
26. AbdulrahmanDayyabu Grad. Asst. Agricultural  Economics and Extension


1 Abdullahi Mohammed Babayo Principal Technologist
2 Turu, Musa Alhamdu Technologist I
3   Fridar Jethro Daure Technologist II  
4   Bagu Justina Technologist II
5 Malame Raymond Masokano Technologist II

Administrative Staff

1 Bappa Adamu Saurayi Admin. Assistant
2 Zahariyya Ibrahim Lab. Assistant / Cleaner
3 Yahaya Jibrin Moh’d Lab. .Assistant/ Cleaner

Programs Offered by Agricultural Economics and Extension

  • B. Agriculture (Agricultural Economics and Extension)