Department of Languages

Professor Adam Adebao Sirajudeen
Head of Department

Brief History

The Department of Languages was established in 2012. It is one of the foundation departments of the Federal University Kashere. It is aimed at training students that will graduate with a B.A. Degree in either English Arabic, or Hausa. The B.A English program was the pioneering program of the department. The Arabic and Hausa programs were introduced in the 2013/2014 academic sessions. Each of the degrees consists of two disciplines: Language and Literature. At the end of the four years or three years program for UTME and Direct Entry respectively, students would have been well grounded in these areas.

The first head of Department of Languages was Dr Yusuf Maitama Abubakar. He ran the Department from 2011/2012 session to 2013/2014 session. He handed over the Department to Professor Saleh Abdu whose headship commenced in August 2014 and will end in August 2016.

In Languages department, there is a concern to help the student develop knowledge of  English language as well as understand and apply the principles of Language-study in a broad range of linguistic situations and the ever expanding demand for technological and creative usage of language for communication. The emphasis is basically on the acquisition of critical skills necessary to sift through and help develop the growing corpus of African Literature in all genres, as well as understand the processes by which these genres develop in English and world Literature.


As part of the liberal arts, the mission of the Languages department is to: “prepare graduates who creatively address the challenges of the world through the vehicle of language.” Specifically, the mission emphasizes critical thinking about language and language use, problem solving through language, and expressing ideas clearly and concisely in speaking and writing in order to achieve adequate self-expression and self-actualization in language. We encourage students to develop a global perspective and an appreciation and tolerance for a more diverse society vital for living in an increasingly interdependent world.


As a languages department, our vision of language study is encompassed by the following beliefs:

We believe that language study refers to self-discovery, understanding one’s natural and social worlds, and taking informed action in a globalized society.
We define a linguist/literary artist as any individual engaging in conceptual change, and teaching as an intellectual activity.

Academic Staffs Arabic unit

1.          Prof. Adam Adebayo Sirajudeen Professor
2.          Prof. M. Jamiu Professor
3.          Prof. M. Sani Abdulmumin Professor
4.          Prof. M. Muazu Professor
5.          Dr. Muhammad Saleh Jamal Reader
6.          Dr. Muhammad Safiyyu A. Senior Lecturer
7.          Dr. Muhammad Salisu Yakubu Senior Lecturer
8.          Dr. Tukur Muhammad Inuwa Senior Lecturer
9.          Dr. Umar Abdullahi Senior Lecturer
10.       Dr. Abdulkareem Isa Sarumi Senior Lecturer
11.       Dr. Muhammad  Shariff Ramadan Lecturer I
12.       Dr. Sulyman Ibrahim Gurumoh Lecturer II
13.       Dr. Muhammad Auwal Adam Lecturer II
14.       Dr. Abdulrafiu Abdulraheem A. Lecturer II
15.       Dr. Usman Gwani Danjuma Lecturer II
16.       Dr. Sulaiman Mahmoud Abdullahi Lecturer II
17.       Dr. Abdullahi AbdurRahman Lecturer II
18.       Dr. Kazeem Ibrahim Lecturer II
19.       Dr. Sirajuddeen Sa’ad Ibrahim Lecturer II
20.       Mr. Abdullahi Musa Assistant  Lecturer
21.       Mr. Shehu Alhassan Melleri Assistant  Lecturer
22.       Mr. Shehu Usman Umar Assistant  Lecturer
23.       Mr. Mahmud Isa Duguri Assistant  Lecturer
24.       Mr. Sammani Hassan Hussaini Assistant  Lecturer
25.       Mr. Muhammad Tukur Abdullahi Assistant  Lecturer
26.       Mal. Abubakar Sulaiman Umar Assistant Lecturer
27.       Mal. Idris Muhammad Saleh Assistant Lecturer
28.       Malama Hauwa Isa Waziri Assistant Lecturer
29.       Dr. Kabir Usman Gumel Assistant Lecturer
30.       Mal. Zakariyya Muhammad Wada Graduate Assistant
31.       Mal. Bashir Salihu Graduate Assistant
32.       Mr. Abdullahi Abubakar Zaranda Graduate Assistant

Academic Staffs Hausa Unit

1. Prof. Mu’azu A. Muhammad Professor
2. Prof. Aisha I. Ahmed Professor
3. Dr. Surajo Ladan Reader
4. Dr. Adamu Mallam Babikkoi Senior Lecturer
5. Dr. Abdulbasir Atuwo Senior Lecturer
6. Dr. Abdullahi Asiru Senior Lecturer
7. Mr. Ibrahim Lamido Lecturer I
8. Dr. Usman Ibrahim Lecturer I
9. Dr. Adamu Abdulsalam Lecturer I
10. Dr. Ibrahim Garba Gwammaja Lecturer II
11. Mr. Muhammed Sa’idu Gumau Assistant Lecturer
12. Mrs. Fatimah Tukur Aliyu Graduate Assistant
13. Mrs. Rukayya Ahmad Kari Graduate Assistant

Academic Staffs English Unit

1. Prof. Saleh Abdu Professor
2. Prof. Baba Mai Bello Professor
3. Prof. Nereus Yerima Tadi Professor
4. Dr. Sesan Akinwumi Abdulazeez Senior Lecturer
5. Dr. Babayo Mohammed A. Lecturer I
6. Dr. Abubakar Bappah Lecturer I
7. Dr. Muhammad Auwal Lecturer II
8. Dr. Sharafudeen Kareem Lecturer II
9. Mr. Danjuma Mohammad Assistant Lecturer
10 Mr. Ahmed Lamido Assistant Lecturer
11 Mr. Auwal Abubakar Assistant Lecturer
12 Mr. Fai Kasimo Nyosori Assistant Lecturer
13 Mrs. Comfort Usman Mshelbwala Assistant Lecturer
14 Mrs. Hadiza Baba Ba’aba Assistant Lecturer
15. Mrs. Ajakaye Damilola Olamide Assistant Lecturer
16. Mrs. Shiranthi Somasandra Assistant Lecturer
17. Mr. Danlami M. Zumunta Assistant Lecturer
18. Mr. Nura Abubakar Assistant Lecturer
19. Mal. Yakubu Bitrus Ghali Assistant Lecturer
20. Miss. Enemali Roseline Omojo Assistant Lecturer
21. Mr. Ja’afar Ahmad Wakili Assistant Lecturer
22. Mr. Hamza Zaruku Graduate Assistant
23. Mr. Umar Abubakar Sadiq Graduate Assistant
24. Mrs. Altine Yakubu P ane Graduate Assistant
25. Mr. Aliyu Yakubu Abdulkadir Graduate Assistant
26. Miss Rita Emmanuel Graduate Assistant
27. Miss Esther Kadus   Graduate Assistant
28.  Miss Joy Adamu Graduate Assistant
29. Mr. Mohammed Ibrahim Utai Graduate Assistant
30. Miss. Balogun Fatima Wuraola Graduate Assistant
31. &  Mal. Jafar Ahmad Wakili  
32. Dr. Raji  O. Waheed  

Administrative Staffs

1.          Bashir Ibrahim Admin Assistant
2.          Mansur Mohammed G. Admin Assistant
3.          Abubakar Zubairu Admin. Assistant
4.          Usman Muhammad Confidential Sectary
5.          Auwalu Sambo Executive Officer
6.          Abubakar Bello Wambai Clerical Officer

Laboratory Staffs

1 Mr. Samuel Toba Adedoyin HTO
2 Dalhatu Abubakar Ahmad Info. Officer
Buhari Abdulkadir Ahmad Lab. Scientist II
4 Ibrahim Dotti Lab. Attendant
5 Mr. Dahiru Alhassan Dede Lab. Attendant

Programs Offered by the Department